Audi TTS Campaign


The New Audi TTS
Project and Case Video

The new Audi TTS goes from 0 to 100km/h in 4,6 seconds. 
This is how long you had to configure your car in the worlds fastest car configurator. 
The new Audi TTS, do you dare to try or not?

My role in this project was mainly to oversee the developers to make sure that the moving assets was animating in and out in a clean and proper way. Such as in the different scenes where the car was falling into the scene and how the interface was building up around it.
I was also responsible for the editing the cuts of the footage (provided by prodcution company) in between the configuration chapters and the edit of the sound for all the scenes and parts (not creating the sound).

There was also a bit of post on the last scene, where the clouds from the footage had to blend seamlessly to the design in the end. I also edited this case video, including the animation of the copy scenes in between.

You can visit the website here:

CD: Chris May
AD: Daniel Righi
Developer: Michaela Lehr
Motion: Henrik Östergaard and Steve Gurr
PM: Tobias Hering and Vanessa Neuhaus
AM: Caren Erhardt