Hyundai i30 campaign film


Any product can be made exciting with the right idea

Hyundai is rightly proud of the ultra-high-strength steel chassis that is found inside their i30. The high tech component is something that matters, but its importance is difficult to convey. To do so, we developed an idea where we would emotionalize the chassis through a love triangle between two industrial robots and a chassis being assembled in Hyundai's European factory.

My role:

I worked together with Creative Carl Nordell and Creative Director Stephan Diesenhofer to create the film's concept, script and storyboard which was later handed to Acne Studios for production. I was a strong advocate for in order to convey the love story and right humour in the critical scene we would kick in with a 80s cliché love song in the moment they see the car for the first time that you can see in the initial animatic.
As well as when the fight scene starts, there would be fun objects to bring up in the fight.

My responsibilities also included:
Set up the art direction for the film and the mood that would eventually convey the love story.
To commission and brief the freelancers to illustrate images for the animatic/storyboard.
Together with my creative partner Carl brief the initial chosen production companies  candidates on the project and give feedback in the several pitch rounds. In the end I also directed the final selection of music and sound effects on the video together with the production company.
Finally we got asked to give ideas for potential shorter supers that would run on valentines day etc, and I came up with the card reveal one.

Creative Direction: Stephan Diesenhofer
Motion Art Director: Henrik Östergaard
Concept Developer: Carl Nordell
Project managers: Melanie Denter, Carina Neumann

Production Company: Acne Studios






Hundai Mood Direction from Henrik Østergaard on Vimeo.




Hyundai i30 Animatic from Henrik Østergaard on Vimeo.


Final Result


Valentines Day extra