Hyundai KONA



A campaign focused on Hyundai's new Kona car

The All-New Hyundai KONA has daring design and high-tech features that makes it a one of a kind in its segment. For its European launch, we wanted to create a stand out campaign to match it.  The multi-channel campaign contained many set pieces that came together as one holistic campaign that involved everything from TVCs, a product-focused hub with a remixable brochure,  to influencer marketing that reached millions of followers. 

my role:

Motion Art Director and Creative.
Together with my creative partner Carl Nordell I worked to create the online extension of the TVC to the four different categories on the video remixer section. My responsibilities involved, creating concept and storyboards for the remixer video footage and still be in tune with the directors vision and set a style direction for how the video effects on top of the video could work. 

Check out the site:


Creative Director: Claudia Trippel
Project Management: Marina Herranz
Coding: Sascha Seeger-Kunth, René Machel
Art Director: Isabella Noguiera
Concept Developer and Copywriter: Carl Nordell
Motion Art Director: Henrik Østergaard

Director: William Armstrong
Video Production Company: Markenfilm Berlin


The following are motion concept videos I made for the developers to have as reference for coding the transitions you see in the final product.
Unfortunately it was not possible to do any advanced motion design since coding it was limited and using assets only could exceed a certain amount of space on the website so it would always be a seamless connection.

The footage used in the clips was for personal research/testing purposes only.


Motion concepting


Motion Concepting